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Marc Duchange

Actor / Theater maker / Professor

À propos de Marc

Marc is a French actor , theatre-maker , acrobat, director and workshop leader born in 1991.


He first trained at the Ecole Theatre d’Aquitaine. Whilst studying he was part of the Pierre Debauche company with whom he participated in multiple shows, delving into classical works such as Racine, Shakespeare, Kleist, and Labiche. Here he worked with Pierre Debauche and Robert Angebaud.

His desire to learn and discover new horizons within the theatrical realm led him to physical theatre. In 2015 he started two years of professional training at The Jacques Lecoq school in Paris.


He is passionate about movement and Mask, which he continues to discover, learn and teach. He is always interested in discovery and travelling the world in search of new adventures. Marc is currently based in Angers (France).

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