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Style: Physical Theater

Language: Korean (a bit)

Duration: 1h

Directed by Jeyoung Park

Movement directed by Myungjin You

Actors: Myungjin You, Choelsu Han, Kwangwon Choi

Sound: Lisa Yihwan Lim

"Whoever battles monsters should see to it

that in the process he does not become a monster himself.
And when you look long into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you"

- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, <Beyond Good and Evil> (1886)

 Our feelings take us up and down several times a day. And if you take a step backwards from the time-line of your life, it resembles a graph. Humans have consciousness. We wander and then we transcend. This is the basic instinct of human beings. There is repetition every day. Humans have various emotions such as pain, hope, enthusiasm, and curiosity. We will visualize them and put them on stage.


February 2021

World premiere show in Seoul, South Korea​

February 2020

Obtained funding from Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

May 2019

Obtained funding for the research and study from Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

June 2019

Artist residency selected by 'Next Generation 2019’ at La Mama International Umbria in Italy.



Myungjin You

President of  Project Ailes

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