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One Woman Show:

Languages: French, Spanish

Duration: 1h10          

Author-performer: Ulima Ortiz Coste

Artistic Collaborator: Clara Rousselin



France, 2030, Irène Baicué, aged 36, has been living in Paris for a few years. On her return from a work trip, she learns that: "Any French citizen with dual nationality, including a non-European one, will be forced to renounce one of them in order to remain on French soil". Will she be able to choose between the Colombian culture, written in her hips and landscapes, or the French culture present in her education and mother tongue?

In the rush to choose, Irene investigates to find her "true identity". We travel with her in the past, in Colombia and then in her imagination. Her desires and frustrations are the object of her insatiable quest to define herself. Who am I, who defines me and why do I have to define myself? 


She delves into her past; her words and her sometimes nostalgic play bring to light characters from her childhood, from her imagination, but also from her surroundings such as Parisian society life. It is with humour and sincerity that she takes the audience into her universe, shared between two personalities, two languages, two passports.


The more she reverses the roles, completes, agitates and pulls the threads of her story, the more she becomes aware of her hybridity. An infinite number of questions arise on universal issues such as citizenship, identity and uprooting.


Her permanent duel with the world today pushes Irene towards a kind of bitter madness. Between dream and reality, her gaze is sharpened, a conviction asserts itself, revealing its share of humanity.




20 February 2021:

Participation in the Open Ring ( 2nd version ).


7 to 11 December 2020: 

Creative residency at the Doc, Paris. Leaving the residence, presentation of the model.


26th to 29th November:

Creative residency at the TDI (open-ended theatre), Paris.


5 to 16 October 2020: 

Creative residency at the Doc, Paris.


20 to 26 January 2020: 

Creative residency at La Casa del Silencio, Bogotá.


14 June 2019: 

Participation in the Festivalito de Calvisson.


1st to 13th April 2019:

Creative residency at La Belle Échappée.


12th April 2019:

Residency at Cart de Sommières.


3rd April 2019:

Intervention at the Centre Socioculturel Calade de Sommières.


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Ulima Ortiz Coste

Mise en scène

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